Our values

If Cyclik is now a reference in the world of tailor-made mobility, it is because we consider that our mission goes beyond the design and manufacture of bicycles. Our mission leads to more environmentally friendly travel, which results in a more rewarding way of life, whose watchwords are the pooling of experience, French craftsmanship and the use of plant materials. Our vocation came from the ability to offer our customers the possibility to move differently, whatever the journeys; utilitarian trips, sports trips, or trips simply related to the pleasure of cycling.

Nature provides us with an impressive amount of resources to satisfy our needs, all we have to do is look around us to see it. We have raw materials at hand, with properties that can go further than one might think and that can outperform many complex innovations. This bio-inspiration approach has led us to choose the natural technicality of specific plants to apply it to the field of cycling. Indeed, the fibrous structure of bamboo, combined with the mechanical properties of flax, absorbs vibrations to create a perfect balance between stiffness and comfort.

The concept of cycling pleasure is fundamental to us; it is an emotion that emerges from each test of our bicycles, helped by the ability of a well processed bamboo to absorb unevenness of the road surface and to offer a softer relationship to the body through comfort. Cyclik has gradually surrounded itself with the best and has evolved naturally amidst aesthetes, cyclists, designers, business leaders, engineers, hedonists and epicureans; this community is the base of our identity. In our workshop in Lyon, each bicycle frame is handmade; our bicycles are designed for enthusiasts looking for exclusivity and beautiful handmade items.

Demand and excellence are the primary vehicles for the energy we give to the manufacture of our bicycles, based on the principle that nothing is strictly imposed on you, the most important thing is to leave room for your desires. We are proud to offer unique pieces, entirely made by the very same hands during the entire production of a bike. These hands, with a rare know-how, ensure that our customers are the owners of a product that stands out and whose high-quality level is unrivalled.

Story of a bike enthusiast

Originally from Haute-Savoie, Félix Hébert has been keen to explore the Alpine passes since a very young age. This passion, like many children, was naturally associated with a deep desire to create his own bike, capable of defying the curves of the road better than any other. Over the years, his passion for cycling grew, to the point of taking precedence over all the others and led him to compete regularly alongside professional cyclists. While high-level sport seemed to welcome him with open arms, professional choices forced Felix to leave aside the life path of his dreams. His persistent desire to go on the road led him to seek an alternative technological concept, which had to be as resistant, efficient and long-lasting as carbon fibre, while providing unprecedented cycling comfort. Bamboo has become the ideal ally to make this unique bike: the bike that he needed to get back in the saddle. By pushing the limits of both technology and innovation, he created the model of his dreams at the age of 28.

In response to the excellent feedback from all those he met regarding the uniqueness of the concept and its ability to bring new sensations, Félix decided to share his search for perfection with others by creating Cyclik. From the very beginning, the use of new materials was the prerequisite for combining the rarely converging values of comfort and performance. Félix’s qualities as a frame manufacturer as well as his in-depth knowledge of the world of cycling and its challenges have enabled the brand to expand quickly in the sporting world of cycling. Today the brand is expanding towards a more global dimension of mobility, with the objective of enabling urban lifestyles to benefit from its experience.

Lyon as a city of inspiration

Once the mecca for silk production, the “Capitale des Gaules” is still steeped in its important know-how in French creation. It is this extraordinary atmosphere that carries Cyclik’s universe; the warm tones of the architecture, the flavours of the local cuisine and the important cultural heritage inspire us on a daily basis. Lyon has this singular energy that offers us every day a lot of encounters, essential to our personal fulfilment. Both conducive to the development of new technologies and loyal to traditional productions, which have carried the city for centuries, Lyon is the ideal place to discover our bicycles in their place of creation.

The symbiosis between flax and bamboo

French raw materials

All the raw materials used to manufacture our frames come from the French soil. The Bamboo grove in Anduze is our exclusive bamboo producer and supplier. We use flax exclusively from the Eure region in Normandy, the most active flax production sector in the world. Finally, the metal parts, designed by us, are manufactured in the Arve valley, in Haute-Savoie.

Environmental footprint

We believe that the use of local natural resources allows Cyclik to reduce carbon emissions by 90% compared to the production of a traditional bike frame. We have instinctively chosen chose to opt for short circuits; in order to provide quality products with clear traceability, but also with the desire to control our carbon footprint, which is more than limited due to the reduction of distances and intermediaries.


Bamboo is a plant that regenerates quickly. The production phases do not have any major polluting impacts on the environment. These controls are made possible by a 100% French production and a clear traceability of each element. After being selected, all our bamboo stubble undergoes a drying phase as well as an upstream plant treatment that guarantees them increased durability.


This natural material requires few chemical inputs, does not require irrigation, consumes very little energy and has a mechanical transformation process. This makes it a renewable resource with a very low environmental footprint. In addition, Normandy is the world’s leading flax producer, which enables the entire sector to be governed by numerous social and environmental rules.

Bio-sourced resin

We have chosen a resin from the region of Marseille, which has the highest bio sourced percentage on the market. Indeed, 56% of the molecular structure of the resin we use is of plant origin. Despite its high percentage, we are not completely satisfied with this level. Today, we are looking for new techniques that are even more environmentally friendly.

Passionate about innovation, we are always attentive to new developments that can be presented to us
in order to obtain
an ever more environmentally friendly product. Feel free to write to us!

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