Our values

If Cyclik is now a reference in the world of tailor-made mobility, it is because we consider that our mission goes beyond the design and manufacture of bicycles. Our mission leads to more environmentally friendly travel, which results in a more rewarding way of life, whose watchwords are the pooling of experience, French craftsmanship and the use of plant materials. Our vocation came from the ability to offer our customers the possibility to move differently, whatever the journeys; utilitarian trips, sports trips, or trips simply related to the pleasure of cycling.


Cyclik Urban or Cyclik Road? First, our different typologies allow us to define your practice in a global way. Secondly, the choice of components, the geometry (measurements and practicality), as well as our customization options are parameters that will make your bike a unique model.


It is fundamental to have a bike adapted to the size of the user. This will bring comfort and performance: indeed a bike at the perfect size for the user will allow less effort to be made, while being more efficient. The 100% artisanal production allows us to adapt as closely as possible to the practice and morphology of each person; if we are certainly all equal, our experience has shown us that none of us has the exact same size. That is why we take six anthropometric measurements that we use to design the ideal framework not for everyone, but for each individual.

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