Cyclik Urban or Cyclik Road? First, our different typologies allow us to define your practice in a global way. Secondly, the choice of components, the geometry (measurements and practicality), as well as our customization options are parameters that will make your bike a unique model.

Urban models 

Cyclik Urban

The ideal bike for those who cycle around the city (or the countryside), looking for a comfortable bike that provides new sensations. Also adaptable in hiking configuration.

Sport models

Cyclik Road

Leaving -for the time of a presentation- its natural environment, you will generally find it in Mont Ventoux, in the Alpine passes, or on the most beautiful coastlines of the Côte d’Azur.

Cyclik Fixie

Mechanically the most minimalist of bicycles, unbeatable on closed tracks, and a symbol of urban culture, the Fixie is nowadays a staple of city’s biggest boulevards.


Cyclik Gravel

It is already the ally of the most versatile of us. At ease on all types of roads up to asphalt, nothing can stop him.

Cyclik MTB

Available soon.

Any special requests? Our structure allows us to respond to a plethora of requests; do not hesitate to submit yours.

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